Picking A Deadbolt When Locked Out: What You Should Know

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Deadbolt locks are one of the most efficient ways to keep the doors in a home secure from burglars, but can be hard to pick if you are locked out. If you have the right tools and can follow simple instructions, you can pick a deadbolt just like a locksmith.

Find out what you need to know about picking deadbolts so you can let yourself in when your house keys are misplaced:

What Should a Homeowner Know About Picking a Deadbolt Lock?

The first thing you should know is the kind of tools that are necessary for picking a deadbolt lock. There are only two tools required for the task, including a tension wrench and pick. One of the tools is needed for turning the keyhole (tension wrench), while the other is for lifting small pins inside of the deadbolt (pick).

You must also be aware of how the pins inside of the deadbolt work. There are multiple small pins inside the deadbolt that determines whether or not the door will open. When the door is locked, the pins rest inside the cylinder plug (keyhole). However, the right key can lift the pins up into springs that are in the cylinder housing of the deadbolt, as they stay in place by springs.

You can follow the instructions below to successfully pick a deadbolt:

  1. Place the tension wrench inside the keyhole
  2. Turn the tension wrench in the same direction a key is used
  3. Keep the keyhole turned with the tension wrench still in place
  4. Insert the curved end of the pick inside the keyhole
  5. Use the pick to lift each small pin until a clicking sound is heard

After you have lifted all of the small pins inside the deadbolt lock, you can turn your doorknob and open the door. If the door does not open, it means you did not lift all of the pins. Hiring a locksmith to do the task for you should not be stressful, as they are usually timely about making it to customers that are locked out.

What Is the Estimated Cost to Hire a Locksmith?

The price for a locksmith to pick a deadbolt will depend on who is hired and what time you call for help. A call to a locksmith outside of normal business hours can cost up to $250. Call a locksmith to get you inside of your house in no time if you have a hard time picking your own deadbolt lock!

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