Three Reasons Why You Should Call An Auto Locksmith First When You Are Locked Out

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It is not uncommon for people to lock themselves out of their vehicles. If you have done this more than once, you probably have a spare key you keep outside of the vehicle for instances such as these. If you do not have a spare key outside of the car, you will need to call an auto locksmith. There are some very valid reasons why an auto locksmith should be your first choice, since some of the other options available to you might damage your car or waste your time. (Then you would just have to call a locksmith anyway.)

An Auto Locksmith Will Not Damage Your Car

Locksmiths are trained to open all kinds of vehicles without damaging the lock or your car door. There are no paint scratches or dents or broken windows after a locksmith opens your car for you. Let's face it: you will not get the same guarantee from a neighbor or friend who thinks they can open it for you. 

Not All Cities Allow Their Police Officers to Answer Locked-Out Calls

The larger the city, the less likely you will be able to call the police for a lock-out service. Many larger cities now carry the policy that police only perform lock-out services if a child is in danger. Their reasoning (among being busy with more crucial issues related to crime) is that you live in a city where there are more than enough tow trucks and auto locksmiths available that you can call them for help. If you move to a new city and have not researched the local police lock-out policy yet, you are better off calling an auto locksmith first anyway.

Auto Locksmiths Can Fashion You a New Key on the Spot

Auto locksmiths will show up and create a spare key for your car right at your car's location. Since most keys by certain auto manufacturers have a set number of grooves and tumbler points for each vehicle, a key can be made for the specific make, model, and year of car you drive. It essentially works like a skeleton key for your vehicle, and minor alterations to getting it to fit and work perfectly only require a little grinding. After you get your car or truck open, you can put the newly fashioned spare in your house or a good outdoor hiding spot for the next time you lock yourself out.