Small Business Owner: 2 Upgrades To Consider For Your Lock System

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Burglary is a reality that many small business owners face. You probably have insurance and a security system. But make sure you do not neglect your first line of defense, which are the locks on your doors:

Consider A Lock That Puts Security First

The first locks that you should consider are high security locks. These types of locks are different from normal locks for several reasons. Normal locks are secure, but do have some vulnerabilities. High security locks are built to withstand the following:

  • Pick attacks: Everyone knows what picking a lock entails, but high security locks are not that easy to pick. A thief must align the pins within a lock to successfully open the door. Common locks only have a few pins, whereas high security locks contain several, making them harder to pick.
  • Bump attacks: Thieves will use a special key that aligns to the pin tumblers within your lock. The thief is able to open your door in a matter of seconds once the key aligns to the pin tumblers. High security locks are built with several pin tumblers, making it harder to successfully bump a lock. 
  • Drill attacks: Drill attacks are exactly as they sound, the thief will use a drill to penetrate and disable your lock. High security locks are built with anti-drill material that will make it hard for a thief to drill through the system. 

You can talk to your locksmith about the best high security lock that you can purchase.

You Should Also Consider Restricted Key-way Locks

This is an option that is often overlooked, but can easily be added to your lock, even if you purchase a high security lock. Restricted key-way locks are like personalized locks. The following are some of the things that make restricted key-way locks stand out from the crowd:

  • The duplication of keys is not allowed--unless you go to the locksmith who assigned the lock to your small business. In fact, the locksmith company you hire is the only one that has the exact key-way that your locks have.
  • Any duplication must be done in person, requires official identification and needs to be approved by you beforehand. This gives you complete control over how many keys are available and who has those copies.
  • You will also have the option to create a specified master key for your lock system. 

Both of these options can be combined and will make your lock system a lot safer.