Common Types Of Safes Used For Businesses

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Burglaries occur at businesses every day. When this happens, business owners suffer huge financial losses that take time to recuperate from. One way to protect company money and other valuables is by storing them in safes that are not easily broken into. Even when burglaries occur, the criminals who attempt them may not be able to gain access to them. These are some of the common types of safes that are used for this purpose in businesses.

Drop Safes

Drop safes are commonly used in retail stores and restaurants. During business hours, several "drops" of company income can be made into the safe from the opening at the top front of the safe. The money goes down inside the body of the safe where it cannot be accessed again unless the safe is unlocked.

Drop safes usually have a combination, key or computerized code lock that prevents those who are not authorized to open them from gaining access to what is stored inside. These safes cannot be opened without the proper combination, key or code to do so.

High Security Safes

High security safes are often used in large businesses that have a variety of different items that need to be protected. For instance, large retail businesses may use these safes to store money, business contracts or employee paychecks.

These safes are large in size and have a computerized combination lock system. However, they are also made of strong material that cannot be easily drilled into should an attempted burglary occur. High security safes may also be connected to an alarm system that alerts local authorities should a suspicious attempt at opening them occur.

In-Floor Safes

In-floor safes are also used for company protection because they are very secure. These safes are actually built into the floor of a certain area of the company building. The safes may be covered with a secretly removable floor covering so that they are not visible to the naked eye.

This prevents robbers from finding the safe should they attempt to break into the business. These safes can be used to store any type of valuable item, including money or paperwork. Often, only the business owner knows where the safe is located so that employees do not have access.

For even more security, these safes are often fireproof. This protects company finances and other important items from being destroyed should a fire occur that does extensive damage to the building. Contact a lockmith, like Tri-County Locksmith, to learn more about which safe option is best for your business.