Car Key Replacement: Know Your Available Options

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When you lost or broke your car key, you need to get a new one. However, depending on the type of key you need, it is important to know what options you have for obtaining a replacement key that is properly made. You should take the opportunity to look through all of your options, so you choose the right business for your replacement key needs:


One option you have for replacing a key is to go to a dealership. All dealerships have the equipment to make replacement keys for vehicles their company sells.

The dealership generally has uncut keys on hand that they use to make new keys for their customers. Their assistance is very useful for newer vehicles that have transponder keys. These keys have a small chip inside, which sends a message to the vehicle's computer system that the correct key is being used.

It is important to note that when a car requires a transponder key, it will not start without the chip being properly calibrated. The technicians use a piece of equipment that allows them to access the chip and input information that matches your vehicle. With this information, you can then use the key to start your vehicle.

One problem you may encounter is that some smaller dealerships may not have uncut keys on hand for older models or for brands they do not sell regularly. You will also need to bring your vehicle to them to get a new key and this could prove difficult if you broke your only car key.


Before you go straight to a dealership, you should know that many locksmiths have the same equipment and experience at making all types of car keys. One additional benefit of having a locksmith make your new keys is that many of them come to you. Many of them also offer replacement options for most vehicles, including ones that require transponder keys.

When you contact a locksmith about getting a new key, you need to remember to tell the exact year, make and model of your vehicle. This helps the locksmith bring the right blank or uncut key to your location, since they do not carry all of their supplies with them.

 If you have an older vehicle, the locksmith can quickly make a new key and you are done. For a transponder key, the locksmith will normally use a portable programmer. After they cut the key, the individual will spend some time programming the key.

 In many cases, the locksmith is a faster option, because they will not be contending with several customers at one time, which is the major downside of visiting a dealership for a new key.

Getting a replacement key for your car is easier when you know what options you have. This is especially true for newer keys that require a chip to work properly. It is best to contact a few businesses in your area, so you can find the right option for getting your new key. Contact a company like Johnny Locksmith with any questions you have.