Two Things You Can Do To Make Your Business Safer

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If you are like many business owners, you rely on the locks of your building to keep the entire space safe. However, you may not know there are some simple things you can do to make your business a little safer. Here are two of them.

Custom-Made Keys and Locks

You may not know this, but some online keying companies only require a picture of your lock in order to produce brand new keys. After they receive the picture, they can produce a set of keys for the person ordering them. Anyone wanting to gain entry to your building, including thieves, may be able to do so without you knowing. They can avoid suspicion because they were able to unlock the door with keys and enter without trouble.

Therefore, you need to secure keys for yourself and trusted employees that cannot be easily copied. To do this, consider custom keys and locks. They are very safe because each custom-made lock works with a specific key. In fact, the keys are cut on patented blanks, which cannot be easily bought because manufacturers typically only sell them to reputable licensed locksmiths.

A lot of online key making companies are unable to create keys for custom locks because the manufacturers have high standards for who can receive their patented blanks. Typically, you must get them directly from a locksmith who will order the keys and locks and put them in for you as well. With custom locks and keys, it will be much more difficult to get into your building.

Camera and Buzzer System

Safety measures are important for the back door of the building, particularly if you regularly receive deliveries and your employees need to answer the door in order to let people in.  Your back door may already have a peephole, but in order to make your employees more secure, think about installing a buzzer and camera system.

When you have a buzzer and camera system, anyone arriving at the back door will be recorded by a small camera positioned near the door and need to press a buzzer before gaining entry. Your employees will be able to see the person standing there and determine whether they can be allowed inside. You can even have an intercom put in as well, so that your employees can ask that the work order or delivery person's identification be shown to the camera before being allowed in.

Use the information laid out in this article to help you make your business safer. Consult local commercial locksmith services who can give you more ideas about how you can better secure your business.