3 Reasons You Should Change Your Locks

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Cleaning and making periodic updates on your house are obvious tasks to complete on your home to protect your investment, but you should also focus on your door locks. While surprising to hear, a property burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds in the United States and many of these crimes occurred without actual force. To protect your home and family from potential crime, changing your door locks may be necessary. Using this guide, you will understand the situations that may require new door locks. 

Lost or Stolen Belongings

If you lose your wallet or handbag, you will call your credit card companies and bank to notify them of the issue. These institutions will place a hold on your accounts quickly, preventing illegal charges from individuals who found or stole your personal belongings. Unfortunately, losing your keys can be more problematic.

The odds of someone finding your keys and locating your home are small. However, if they find your keys AND wallet with your personal information, your home will be a serious target for crime. After losing your keys, contact a locksmith immediately to change your door locks.

After Construction

If you purchased part of the 33.8 percent of newly constructed homes this year, you may want to change out your door locks. Your home's builder most likely made multiple sets of keys. Used by their staff, real estate agents, inspectors, and various contractors, these keys were shuffled around a great deal during the building and selling process. If these keys ended up int he wrong hands, your home may be a risk.

To reduce the risk of unlawful entry using these same keys and give yourself peace of mind, rekey your door locks.

Change in Relationships

When you begin a relationship with someone, you may decide to not only share your heart with the person, but also your home. However, relationships end sometimes, whether it is your own decision or the other person's fault, so you must prepare yourself and your home.

If you have given the other person keys to your home, make sure to ask for them back. In most cases, they will give the keys without any problems. Unfortunately, some relationships end on bad terms, increasing the risk of arguments and dishonesty. If you feel there may be a future issue, contact a professional to change out your locks.

Of course, ending a relationship with individuals other than a spouse or lover may also require rekeying services. Since many homeowners give family members, friends, babysitters, gardeners, housekeepers, and pool cleaners keys to their home, you may need to rekey your locks after ending relationships with these individuals, as well

Changing your locks may not seem like a necessary task, but it can be a great investment for your home's security and family's safety. Using this guide, you will understand when it is important to rekey your home's locks. Contact a business, such as Fradon Lock Co Inc, for more information.