Three Things To Know About Having Replacement Keys Created

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Having a spare set of keys to your car is important, just in case you lose your set or lock them in your car. If your car did not come with a second set of keys, you can have a replacement set created. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about having a replacement set of keys created.

Determine if Your Key Has a Chip in It

The first thing you need to do is determine if your key has a chip in it or not. Some companies place chips in their keys that interact with the engine. The engine only starts when the specific key containing the chip that has been programmed for that particular car is put into the ignition. This stops someone from being able to steal the car by using a shaved key or key that belongs to another car. If your vehicle's key has a thick base, you may need to take it to the dealer to have a replacement set created so that they can properly program the new chip in the key.

Understand the Difference Between a Folding Key and Traditional Key

When you have a replacement key created for a key that folds into the handle, it is important to realize that the replacement key that you have made will not be able to fold into the handle, unless you have it made at a dealership. You can have a replacement key made that works the same way a traditional key works though.

Determine if You Want All Keys Duplicated

Some vehicles come with valet keys, as well as the traditional keys that come with your car. A valet key is a key that only works in the ignition and unlocks the doors. It keeps a valet driver from being able to gain access to your locked trunk or glove box. If you lose your keys, having a replacement valet key may be essential.

Getting a replacement set of keys made is not overly difficult to do. Keys with the chips in them or keys that fold into the handles are often more expensive than keys without these options though, because they cost more to create. Get an estimate for how much it will cost to have the keys made before getting them done so that you know exactly what to expect when they are done. Click here to learn more about replacement car keys.