Upgrading The Locks And Adding Security To Your Business

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The locks on your business are there to stop people from getting into the business after hours. No matter what the business type, it is crucial that you have a system in place to secure the property. While traditional locks are reasonable, you may want to add additional security to the property, and hiring a commercial locksmith to evaluate and update your locks is an excellent start.

Commercial Locks

When working with a commercial locksmith to install locks on your business, the commercial locks that they will use are heavy-duty locks and are much stronger than what you would find on your doors at home. The deadbolts and lock cylinders are designed to be hard to penetrate so that they keep would-be thieves out of the building when you are not there.

If the commercial lock is damaged, your commercial locksmith can often remove it from the door and replace parts inside the lock to get it working without replacing the entire lockset. If there is too much damage, the locksmith will let you know and replace the lockset with a new one for you. 

Heavy-duty commercial locksets are hard to force, so if the lock is damaged enough that it needs replacing, you may need to consider other security measures for the property, especially if this is not the first time the lock has been damaged, and often repeated attempts to open the door points to one person or group trying to get through the door.

Upgraded Lock Systems

If you want to track the people in and out of the business, your commercial locksmith can install an upgraded electronic lock system that is as strong as the mechanical locks but requires a key card or a code to open. The advantage to a system like this is that the computer monitoring the system locks every time the door opens and who opened it. 

For businesses that have a lot of expensive stock or controlled items like medications in a pharmacy in the store or are concerned about someone access information they shouldn't, tracking who came in, when they came in, and when they left can help narrow down any theft or problems inside after hours. 

These systems can also incorporate cameras tied to the lock system so that the person opening the door is captured on video or still images when the door is activated. Talk to a commercial locksmith like one at Bilco Safe & Lock, Inc. about the upgrade options they can offer for the locks in your commercial property, offices, or small business.