4 Commercial Locksmith Services For Business Owners

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Thieves can cut into your bottom line by stealing products, cash, or information from your business. You protect your business computer system with anti-virus software, but you also need to protect your physical store or office. A commercial locksmith can help. Commercial locksmiths can cut keys and install traditional locks, but these aren't the only services they provide. Here are four ways that a commercial locksmith can make your business a safer and more secure place:

1. Lock Replacement

Locks can become less secure due to user error or degradation. Over time, lock mechanisms can become stuck, especially if locks aren't properly maintained. Forcing a key into a jammed lock can result in a broken key and broken lock. Fortunately, a commercial locksmith can replace locks that are broken beyond repair. Lock replacement service is quick and convenient. A commercial locksmith can also replace your lock if you've experienced a breach in security, such as a disgruntled employee failing to return their office keys.

2. Key Cutting

Keys allow locks to be opened by the key holder. Losing a key can lead to delayed store openings and lost revenue. Luckily, commercial locksmiths can cut new keys in a matter of minutes. Your locksmith can take a mold of your lock and create a key without a template, if necessary. They can also mold your new key off an existing key if you have access to one. Having extra keys cut ahead of time will allow you to designate new key holders among your employees. It can also prevent an unfortunate lock-out situation.

3. Electronic Lock Installation

Technology can make your business safer than ever. If you want to enhance security at your commercial property, you can have a commercial locksmith install an electronic lock. Electronic locks can be opened with key cards that are given to trusted employees and visitors. They can also be programmed to function biometrically, responding to fingerprint scans or retinal scans. Electronic locks are harder to pick than traditional locks, which makes them a good choice for businesses that store valuable or sensitive items.

4. Lock Maintenance

Locks should be inspected and maintained periodically to ensure that they continue performing their function. A commercial locksmith can come to your place of business to test, inspect, and perform maintenance on all your locks. Properly maintained locks are easy to use. They open smoothly and provide the utmost security.

For more information, contact a commercial locksmith in your area.