Looking for Ways To Make Your Building More Handicap Friendly? 4 Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors

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Automatic doors have become a regular feature in all public spaces like airports, hospitals, and shopping centers. You can have them customized to revolve, swing or slide. They make it easy for people to access and exit the building, making them the perfect handicap doors. It is advisable to consider installing automatic doors on your premises because of the following benefits. 

They Increase Accessibility

Automatic doors offer superior levels of convenience to everyone that uses them. People get an easy time accessing a building with an automatic door even when they have luggage on both hands. As a building manager, this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make customers feel welcomed on your premises. The door is also easy to use for people with disabilities because they do not have to struggle to open or shut it. 

Excellent Hygiene Control

Hygiene is a commonly ignored factor when dealing with doors. However, the type of doors affects people's hygiene levels. With the ongoing pandemic, you need a door opening and closing mechanism that keeps people away from touching the same surfaces countless times. Besides, germs that cause common ailments like the common flu, cold, and other diseases often get transmitted through the doors. By choosing hands-off doors, you will improve the overall health and wellness of everyone using your premises. 

Raised Security Levels

Security is crucial in the commercial setup. Installing revolving doors is an excellent way to raise security levels on your premises. The doors have a computerized system that allows people into the building when set that way. You can also deactivate the door remotely and prevent a fraction of the traffic from accessing your premises. 

They Help Save Space and Energy

The door plays a crucial role in the building's energy efficiency. Regular manual doors are more likely to suffer from heat loss because they remain open for many hours during the day. The automatic door only opens when it senses motion close by and shuts when one accesses the building. You will have an easier time managing the building's energy efficiency when you install these doors. Also, the doors either slide or revolve within a small space. They do not take much of your door space.

Get a reputable door installation contractor to give you a quote on automatic operated doors for your premises. They will help you align with handicap requirements when choosing doors, enhance security and efficiency.