3 Scenarios That Warrant Hiring A Commercial Locksmith Immediately

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In most cases, business owners rely on commercial locksmiths when they lose keys or get locked out of their business premises. However, several other scenarios warrant calling a commercial locksmith.

Thus, if you are a business owner, here are three scenarios that warrant hiring a commercial locksmith immediately.

1. Recently Moved Into a New Business Premise

When you move into a new business premise, it is advisable to have the locks at the new premises assessed to ensure they are in good condition. Sometimes you might move into a commercial space with damaged or faulty locks that compromise the security of your business.

Hence, when you move into a new business premise, hire a commercial locksmith to inspect the condition of your locks and conduct any necessary repairs or maintenance. Furthermore, you never know if the previous occupant may still have a set of keys to it.

If the previous occupant still has keys to the premise, they can access your business anytime and steal from you. Hence, it is advisable to consider hiring a commercial locksmith to change the locks on your new business premise before moving into it.

2. Malfunctioning Locks

As time goes by, commercial locks wear out and start malfunctioning. Thus, you might encounter issues such as jamming locks. Jamming commercial locks can delay your opening time in the morning. As a result, you might have to turn away customers or clients because your locks refuse to open.

Hence, do not ignore a malfunctioning lock, as it can cause you to lose business when it fails to open. Call a commercial locksmith to fix or replace the locks as soon as your commercial locks start malfunctioning.

3. Ex-Employee(s) Did Not Return Keys

It is customary for business owners to entrust the keys to their premises to various trusted employees. However, if you have to terminate or lay off the employees, you should ensure they return the keys you had entrusted to them. However, not all terminated employees submit the keys assigned to them.

Thus, if the terminated employees have an ax to grind, they might retaliate by using the keys to access and vandalize your business. Besides, even if the disgruntled employees returned the keys to your premise, you can never be too sure that they did not make copies.

Thus, there is still a possibility that they could return in the future with their copied keys to steal or vandalize your business. Therefore, when you have a fallout with such an employee, you should call a commercial locksmith to change your locks.