3 Important Commercial Locksmith Services That Should Not Be Overlooked

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Commercial property owners should regularly take time to review the safety and security of their properties. Many properties have a variety of lax security issues that could make them prone to burglaries or cause other security issues. They may make the mistake of thinking that commercial locksmith services only involve changing their locks or assisting with lockouts. These are common services provided by locksmiths. However, there are many more that property owners need to be aware of. The following points highlight some of the valuable services that commercial locksmiths provide. 

Storefront Door Replacement

Sturdy doors can last for many years. However, at some point, the materials may degrade and make them less durable. There might also be issues such as the glass in a storefront door being outdated than what's currently on the market. An outdated door can distract from the overall aesthetics, which makes a door replacement a viable way to give a business a fresh look. New doors can also improve energy efficiency due to better modern-day manufacturing processes and tighter seals. 

Security Camera Installation

Some commercial properties do not have security cameras, and others have systems that are outdated. Surprisingly, some properties have cameras that are visible to customers and visitors, but the cameras do not work. There are a variety of crimes that can take place at commercial locations. Some of them may be committed by employees. A new security camera installation will make a property safer, and it can be used to prosecute criminals who violate businesses. Security cameras provide a level of protection 24/7, which means business owners can have peace of mind outside of business hours. The security camera system can be further enhanced if the locksmith also installs an alarm system.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fires can happen during or outside of business hours. They can cause a significant amount of damage in a short period of time. Commercial locksmith services can include the installation of smoke alarms that are equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. They can explain the differences between traditional fire alarm systems and monitored fire alarm systems. The latter is more reliable and unlikely to initiate a false alarm. These systems automatically alert emergency responders when they detect smoke, carbon monoxide, or a fire. 

A commercial locksmith is a good resource for property owners to determine how safe their properties are. They can perform risk assessments to determine vulnerable areas. Based on their assessments, they can make recommendations for upgrades. Locksmiths can also make commercial lock repairs instead of a full lock replacement. This is a valuable service that can save property owners money, and it is also environmentally friendly.

For more information on commercial locksmith services, contact a locksmith in your area.